tiny nature squares

an invitation to explore
moments, meditations & magic

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Ever since I was a child, I’ve loved looking for little details, like bright orange salamanders hidden under the leaves after the rain, Tiny, soft moss stars that slide softly across your hand. Lichen laced over rocks that sparkle with mica. The thick glossy texture of a wintergreen leaf that smells and tastes just like its name when you break it in half. 

The kind of things you might walk by. Small but powerful moments. The threads in a tapestry of natural interactions.

There is an element of imperfection…
real nature is wild and imperfect… unmanicured.
Ragged edges, holes in leaves made by insects, it’s all growing, dying and evolving together.

There is an element of mystery,
an abstract flow, playful layers of movement. 

iny Nature Squares started as a way for me to keep nature moments close, when I felt they were far away.
I hope they bring you the same joy, peace and reflection.